hospiceAbout Adoration Hospice

Adoration Hospice provides compassionate care at the highest quality for patients with advanced illness and their families. At Adoration Hospice, we offer you and your family many options and opportunities to make important care decisions and regain control in difficult times. Our interdisciplinary hospice team tailors unique and individualized plans for you and your family based on a comprehensive understanding of your needs, providing you with expert medical care, pain management, symptom alleviation, and support programs. We are here to ensure that you and your family live fully.


Adoration Hospice Care Team

Our interdisciplinary Care Team is comprised of an expert panel of Physicians, a Medical Director, Nurses, Social Workers, Hospice aides, Chaplains, and Volunteers from your own community. Our team works closely with your current Physicians and our Medical Director to create a care plan that adheres to your wants and needs. We recognize that hospice care does not abide by standard hours of operation. A Care Team representative is available to you and your loved ones, 24/7 including holidays, ensuring the best possible experience and quality of life for all.

Adoration Hospice Services

  • Routine Care – Routine Home care is the most common hospice service utilized. Hospice services are provided within the patient’s home, whether it’s a private residence, assisted living facility, or long term care facility.
  • Respite Care – Respite care is a short term inpatient stay which provides the family and/or caregiver relief, for no more than 5 days in a single billing period. Respite care must be given in a Medicare designated inpatient facility, and may not be provided in an assisted living facility or private residence. Respite care may be necessary if the caregiver is physically/emotionally drained, ill, or has an event they must attend such as a wedding. There must be an designated caregiver in order for respite care to be considered.
  • Continuous Care – Care provided predominantly by a nurse for up to 24 hours to managed medical symptoms. Homemaker and hospice aide services may be provided alongside the nurse services, however the majority of care must come from the nurse. Continuous care is appropriate in a period of crisis, for example if the care the patient needs exceeds the skill of the caregiver. Continuous care can be provided in a private residence, an assisted living facility, a long term care facility, and an inpatient hospice facility as long as the patient isn’t receiving general inpatient care.
  • Community Support Services Placement
  • Medical Management
  • Dietary Management
  • Chaplain Support
  • Bereavement Specialists
  • 24/7 Availability Including Holidays

Hospice Enrollment

Enrolling in hospice is you and your family’s decision. The majority of the community does not realize they can refer themselves to hospice. If you have any questions about Adoration or hospice in general, feel free to call 615.733.3600, or email info@adorationhealth.com. A team member will happily speak or set up a meeting with you and your family to address any questions or concerns you have.