1. What is Hospice?
Adoration Hospice provides quality, compassionate care for people facing advanced illnesses. The care we provide extends beyond the patient to the family to ensure the very best end-of-life experience possible.

All services are delivered wherever a patient calls home: a family residence, a nursing home, an assisted living facility or a hospital.

2. Who is eligible for Hospice?
To qualify, a patient must have a life-limiting illness with a life expectancy prognosis of six months or less. Contact our Care Team with any questions regarding hospice care.

3. When should I consider using hospice?
Signs that it may be time to consider hospice care may be subtle or very clear.

Patients with multiple hospitalizations or those who have difficulty with daily living activities will find reprieve in Adoration Hospice services.

Those who find that life prolonging care or curative treatments are more of a burden than a benefit but seek symptom alleviation will find peace with Adoration Hospice services.

Those who seek to spend the remainder of their time in a home setting with friends and family participating in their care will find comfort in Adoration Hospice services.

4. When is Hospice care available?
Our staff works 24/7, 365 days a year to provide families with the sustained, holistic care they deserve.

5. What payment types are accepted for Hospice?
Hospice care is covered by Medicare, Medicaid and most private insurers. Cost coverage includes all Hospice benefits, including our Care Team visits, medication, equipment and supplies related to the life-limiting illness.

Most patients will be responsible for their deductibles or coinsurance as determined by insurance coverage. Adoration Hospice billing experts work with you and your family to simplify the payment process.

6. How long can a person receive Hospice?
Every patient is unique. We work with you to establish a plan of care that suits your lifestyle and needs.

7. How can I sign up for Hospice?
Contact our Care Team to discuss your specific needs and any questions regarding hospice.

We are available at any time to provide the information you and your family need to make the best care decisions. We can also consult with your physicians on your behalf.

8. What do Hospice Volunteers Do?
Volunteers are crucial to delivering the highest quality, compassionate service to our patients and their families. Adoration Hospice volunteers may:

  • Spend time with a patient, allowing family members a period of time away from home for respite or errands
  • Read and sing to the patient
  • Aid a patient in writing a journal, drawing, or some other way of expressing themselves
  • Deliver items to the patient
  • Provide general clerical and administrative work essential to serving patients promptly and effectively

9. How can I become a Hospice Volunteer?
If you are interested in joining the Adoration volunteer team, please visit our Hospice Volunteer page. An Adoration team member will contact you and be happy to walk you through each of our volunteer programs.

Adoration understands the importance of a full bereavement process, and for that reason we request that if a prospective volunteer has lost a loved one within the last year, that they take the necessary time—at least a year—before volunteering with us.