Female pushing older man in wheelchair in hospital setting


Hospice Volunteer

Volunteers at Adoration Hospice are crucial for upholding the compassionate and best-in-class service our patients have come to expect.

Our volunteers’ program allows us to match people who live nearby so that they may assist with daily tasks and chores, or simply provide pleasant company and conversation to each patient and their families.

What Services Does an Adoration Volunteer Provide?

  • Spend time with a patient thereby allowing family members a period of time away from home for respite or errands
  • Read and sing to the patient
  • Aid a patient in writing a journal, drawing, or some other way of expressing himself or herself
  • Deliver items to the patient
  • Provide general clerical and administrative work essential to serving patients promptly and effectively

Adoration Hospice understands the importance of a full bereavement process, and for that reason, we request that if a prospective volunteer has lost a loved one within the last year, that they take the necessary time—at least a year—before volunteering with us.

If you are interested in joining the Adoration Hospice volunteer team, give us a call and one of our representatives will be happy to walk you through each of our volunteer programs. You can reach us by phone at (844) 202-9444 or submit a Hospice Volunteer interest form here.