May 18, 2023

Skilled Nursing Care Week

National Skilled Nursing Care Week

We’re excited to honor our skilled nursing care staff and facilities in the markets we serve. Founded in 1967 by the American Health Care Association (AHCA), this annual celebration includes a week dedicated to the huge role that skilled nursing care centers and their staff play in improving the lives of their patients. For 2023, National Skilled Nursing Care Week will be celebrated the week of May 14-20. nurse and patient Though the premise of this celebratory week remains the same each year, each year has a new theme to celebrate. For 2023, the theme of “cultivating kindness” is celebrated, an honor to the many acts of kindness that Skilled Nursing Care staff perform every day. Although each of these small acts of kindness may not be recognized by all, this week-long celebration acknowledges every one of them.

Thank You from Our Team

Our skilled nursing care partners serve an immeasurable role as the main referral sources and partners in providing care to those who are sick or living with a terminal illness. If individuals are discharged from skilled nursing facilities to return to their homes, hospice and home health providers help during the transition. As such, we recognize the importance of this hand-off care that is made possible by skilled nursing care staff and facilities.

The Role of Hospice and Home Health

When an individual is discharged from a skilled nursing facility to go home, ongoing care is vital to their health and wellness. In many instances, home health services are recommended to allow patients to recover from an illness while returning to the comfort of their own homes. Under the oversight of home health professionals, individuals can begin returning to their daily routine and activities they love, while still feeling supported each step of the way. nurse holding patient hand For individuals diagnosed with a terminal illness, hospice care can help support a comfortable and pain-free environment at home. Our team offers supportive hospice care, supporting both individuals with terminal illnesses and their loved ones. Join us in celebrating National Skilled Nursing Care Week, acknowledging the superior work of the amazing skilled nursing staff in our community’s facilities.