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Home Health

Adoration Home Health understands the comfort a patient has with their physician, therefore our team works closely with your current Physician to create a care plan that adheres to your wants and needs. In addition, our team and your physician review and revise your plan of care on an ongoing basis so that it always addresses your concerns.

If you think your patient may be eligible for home health care, talk to them about calling Adoration Home Health to arrange a visit. You can reach us by phone at (615) 733-3600 or by E-mail at info@adorationhealth.com.

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It’s hard to know when it’s the right time to have a discussion with a patient about hospice. In fact, 84% of physicians express having difficulty in identifying appropriate signs that a patient should consider hospice.

Adoration works with physicians to identify signs of hospice eligibility by visiting patient homes and consulting patients’ clinical records. We do this because we know that for patients nearing the end of life, hospice is the right choice for care. In the last six months of life, patients report having a higher quality of care and a higher quality of life with hospice services versus traditional post-acute care settings. Further, patients with terminal illnesses live, on average, nearly a month longer on hospice care than in hospital environments. Hospice provides the personalized, continuous, and dedicated care that patients and families need in order to make the most of their end of life journeys.

While many medical providers fear that discussing hospice with patients and families means giving up hope, recent research has shown that the exact opposite is the case. Hospice care corresponds to higher quality care, longer lives, happier patients, and happier families.

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Other Services

Adoration Health is Growing! We plan on adding additional services, like Private Duty Nursing home care aides to our patients.

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